1. Introduction
  2. Theme features
  3. Install - Theme package
  4. Install - Full package
  5. Config After Installation
  6. Module Positions
  7. Config - WT Layer SlideShow
  8. Config - WT Megamenu
  9. Config - WT Custom Html
  10. Config - WT Product Filter
  11. Config - WT Feature Category
  12. Config - WT Product Category
  13. Config - WT Banner Special
  14. Config - WT Testimonial
  15. Other Config
  16. Theme support

WaterThemes - Kidstore Prestashop Theme

Compatible with: Prestashop 1.6.x

Kidstore theme made with Waterthemes.

Please contact us to be the best support.

Kidstore theme features

Kidstore theme have many features to help customize the interface your website easily without need to customize html, css. Theme runs on multiple devices.

Installation theme package with installator

- Download kidstore-theme_1.6.x_vx.zip. In your backoffice go to Preferences > Themes

Installation - Full package

Package kidstore-full-package_1.6.x_vx.zip

(It is used in cases: You want to make new site Prestashop with sample data. You can contact us to install full site)

»Step 1 :Download kidstore-full-package_1.6.x_vx.zip and extract all contents to your host folder.

» Step 2 : Find 1_sample-database.sql and import the sql file your database.

» Step 3 : Find 2_update-database.sql, edit the last three lines and import the sql file your database.

  • UPDATE ps_shop_url SET `domain`='YOUR_DOMAIN';
  • UPDATE ps_shop_url SET `domain_ssl`='YOUR_DOMAIN';
  • UPDATE ps_shop_url SET `physical_uri`='/YOUR_BASE_URI/';

YOUR_DOMAIN : is your domain name

YOUR_BASE_URI : path to folder contain your site

» Step 4 : Copy /config/settings.inc.php.default to /config/settings.inc.php and configure this file

  • define('_DB_NAME_', 'database name');
  • define('_DB_SERVER_', 'database server');
  • define('_DB_USER_', 'database username');
  • define('_DB_PASSWD_', 'database password');

Edit the values to match your host.

Admin panel located in /BASE_URI/wtadmin (BASE_URI : link to front end your site)

email address: demo@waterthemes.com

password: waterthemes

You can rename the directory wtadmin to change the admin panel’s URL.

Config - After Installation

After complete the installation of the theme, you need to do some changes in configuration in order to make sure the theme works and looks correctly.

1. Check the position of module in Back Office.

-In your backoffice go to Modules > Positions, you check "Display non-positionable hooks" so see all hooks.

Now you can config the position of modules in the same hooks and order as image below

2. Configuring Columns

We are pleased to announce: In Prestashop version 1.6: You can configure the column for each page

- Go to Preferences > Themes, Click Advanced settings and setting columns:

3. Configure image size

Image size of your site should be configured the same guidelines to ensure the best interface

- Go to Preferences > Image, configure "Width" & "Height" as image follows:

- Regenerates thumbnails for all existing product images

Regenerates thumbnails help generate images of your website by the new size image

4. Disable the mobile theme.

- Go to Preferences > Themes. And Click Save

5. Configure perfomance

-See result in front-end, if the result is not the same demo, go to Advanced Parameters > Performance, check "Template cache" is Force Compile, "Cache" is no and click Save.

Module Positions

Here you can see the module names and their positions.

1. Homepage

WT Layer SlideShow on home page

Module WT Layer SlideShow

-In your backoffice, go to menu Modules > Modules > WT Layer SlideShow > Configure.

-Add slide

- Config Option

-Enter info for slider

- Add Layer and Config Layer

-In your front-end, review configuration.

WT Megamenu

Module CS Mega Menu block

-In your backoffice, go to menu Modules > Modules > WT Megamenu > Configure.

You can refer the video to config menu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwDH6jeBAyQ&feature=youtu.be

-Add new menu

-Menu form add

- Build Megamenu : click Build Sub Menu

To build sub megamenu, follow these steps
  • Step 1: Add Row
  • Step 2: Add Column
  • Step 3: Add menu sub Item
Menu Sub Item support 4 type item
  • Prestashop Link
  • Custom Link
  • Product
  • Custom HTML

-Review in front-end

WT Custom Html

Module WT Custom Html. Create stactic contents : with this module, you can add a static content for your website and specified position display it.

In your backoffice, go to menu Modules > Modules > WT Custom Html> Configure.

-Add content : click Add a new block

-Enter info content

-In front-end of WaterThemes Fashionmall Prestashop Theme, there are the static contents, is created by static block module.

WT Products Filter

Module WT Products Filter and WT Products Filter1 Show product from category, new product, special product, feature product, best seller product.

In your backoffice, go to menu Modules > Modules > WT Products Filter> Configure.

- List Block

-Add a new Block

-Review this module display

WT Featured Category

Module WT Featured Category show name and image category slider on home page.

In your backoffice, go to menu Modules > Modules > WT Category Feature> Configure.

- Config option and choice category

-Review this module display

WT Product Category

Module WT Product Category . Show product from category.

In your backoffice, go to menu Modules > Modules > WT Product Category> Configure.

- List Block

-Review this module display

WT Banner Special

Module WT Banner Special Show banner with cookie time

In your backoffice, go to menu Modules > Modules > WT Banner Special> Configure.

Add banner

-Review this module display

In front-end

WT Testimonial

Module WT Testimonial show the text comment of user

In your backoffice, go to menu Modules > Modules > WT Testimonial> Configure.

- List Block

Add new item

-Review this module display

In front-end

Other Config

1.Configure number of compared products and products per page

Go to Preferences > Products, configure "Set the maximum number of products that can be selected for comparison" is 3, "Product per page" is 9.

2.Multi Language

-In your backoffice, go to Localization > Languages, enable language for site, and set default language.

-In your backoffice, go to Localization > Translations to modify translations
First, select a section (such as Front Office or Modules), then click the flag representing the language you want to edit.

Theme Support

Please contact us to be the best support. Email: waterthemes@gmail.com